Cem Gmbh

Rotor overhaul services

CEM offers a custom workshop in Rosdorf, Germany that is fully equipped to perform comprehensive overhauls of compressor and turbine rotor sections of frame engines. The dedicated team of engineers has over 15 years of OEM experience and ensures that customers can benefit from a comprehensive and high-quality service. All rotors are quickly returned to a zero-hour condition with minimal turnaround time.

In modern, air-conditioned facilities with a combined floor area and the latest rotor balancing technology, CEM provides a competitive alternative for owners and operators of gas turbines. Dedicated rotor overhaul engineers provide in-depth advice, experience in commercial operation, and an exclusive inventory of necessary components and rotating parts. A dedicated team works quickly to bring users’ equipment back into commercial operation with appropriate documentation and reports as soon as possible.

  • Pre-balance and inspection
  • Rotor removal
  • NDT equipment
  • Custom blade and wheel coating
  • Latest coating technology
  • Custom wheel balancing
  • Rotor reblading
  • Rotor stacking system
  • Rotor remounting
  • Rotor balancing and alignment
  • Rotor storage container
  • Comprehensive customer report