Cem Gmbh


CEM’s team of highly skilled and motivated engineers has years of experience in gas turbine installation and commissioning. We understand that proper commissioning involves a wide range of tests and fine-tuning of various systems to ensure optimum output and reliability. Our engineers will systematically check each individual system, including controls and power panels, to ensure they are fully functional before moving on to the next phase of starting and operating the gas turbine. During this phase, our engineers will perform precise checks on all critical systems, with heightened focus on safety features and systems to ensure they can be relied upon in live situations. Once the gas turbine is successfully started and operating, our engineers will continue to monitor it to ensure all systems are functioning properly and within operational limits, including comprehensive checks for leaks and abnormalities. In the event of any unforeseen issues, our engineers will take the necessary steps to remedy the matter, including seeking support from CEM’s technical team for expert analysis and assistance. Once the gas turbine is successfully commissioned, our engineers will provide a safe and orderly handover to your operating organization. CEM is committed to delivering safe and fully operational systems to our customers, backed up by ongoing real-time support to ensure the longevity of plant, equipment, and customer service.