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Exchange of the hot section and combustor.

A hot section inspection can be scheduled based on either running hours or the condition of the gas turbine, and may vary depending on its type and configuration. Our engineers will meticulously disassemble, clean, inspect, and replace any necessary parts, according to the agreed-upon scope.

However, the inspection won’t be limited to the hot section alone, as our engineers will thoroughly examine all the other components of the gas turbine. This is because even minor issues in other parts could potentially lead to severe damage.

If any damaged parts are identified during the inspection, CEM can offer repairs or replacements using our extensive stock of high-quality spare parts.

In addition to the inspection, our engineers will also survey the entire gas turbine package, including all related equipment, auxiliaries, and enclosures, to prevent any potential issues during start-up and ensure that your gas turbine continues to deliver the expected power and performance.