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About CEM GmbH

Welcome to our corporate website where we specialize in selling and servicing heavy-duty gas turbines, specifically the GE Frame series and Aeroderivative gas turbines from the GE LM series. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide top-notch services to our clients, including reliable maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions.

The company has been operating since 2008. During this period, hundreds of projects have been completed in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Germany, the Emirates, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, and Kazakhstan. The clients include Uzbekneftegaz, TurkmenGaz, TurkmenEnergo, CNPC, PetroKazakhstan, Kazatomprom, and many others.

The GE Frame series of gas turbines includes the Frame 1, Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, and Frame 9 models. These turbines are known for their durability and high performance in demanding applications. We offer a range of services for these turbines, including maintenance, repair, and upgrades to ensure their longevity and peak performance.

Our team of experts also specializes in the Aeroderivative gas turbines from the GE LM series, including the LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and Nuovo Pignone PGT25 models. These turbines are designed for use in a variety of industries, including power generation, oil and gas, and marine propulsion. We offer comprehensive services for these turbines, including maintenance, repair, and upgrades, to keep them running efficiently and effectively.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service is unmatched. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to meet those needs. We strive to ensure that all of our clients’ gas turbines are operating at their maximum efficiency, providing reliable power to their operations.

We also offer a range of products to support our services, including spare parts, maintenance kits, and upgrades. Our focus on quality and reliability ensures that our clients have access to the best products and services available in the industry.

At our company, we are committed to providing exceptional services for heavy-duty gas turbines. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your operations and help you achieve your goals.

Spare Parts Supply

CEM GmbH offers a wealth of expertise and experience in supplying high-quality spare parts for gas turbines at competitive prices and with short lead times. Our range of spare parts includes General Electric (GE) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for various aeroderivative gas turbine models, such as the LM 2500 Series (including all modifications – LM 2500+, SAC, DLE, +DLE, +G4), Frem 5-6-9, 9E, Solor, Mars, Taurus 60-70, Titan 130-250, and LM600, as well as MAN Turbine parts. We also offer an extended warranty of up to 24 months for most of our OEM gas turbine spare parts upon request.