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Instrumentation calibration

To ensure the protection and reliable operation of your equipment, it is crucial to perform package instrumentation calibration at regular intervals. Although most OEM specifications recommend semi-annual calibration, many users tend to delay the process for 5 to 10 years or even longer.

The package instruments, such as pressure transmitters and switches, valves, temperature transmitters and switches, and vibration sensors, are responsible for triggering alarms and trips that protect your equipment. If any of these instruments fail to function properly, your equipment could be at risk without your knowledge.

CEM provides site-specific advice on instrument checks and necessary calibrations based on your P&ID’s before initiating the calibration process. We bring all necessary equipment to the site, perform checks, adjust instruments, and verify signals from the instrument to the control system. We offer on-site and workshop calibration services and provide comprehensive reports, including instrument certifications, once all checks and calibrations are complete.